The Last Book You’ll Ever Read

short stories

A mysterious book on your doorstep, a man trying to outrun an otherworldly horror, an elderly woman who creates strange concrete creatures, a computer that isn’t what it seems, an enigmatic nothingness closing in on someone’s house…


The Last Book You’ll Ever Read is a collection of five macabre tales that you won’t soon forget.

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"Nimble and poetic and downright freaky, The Last Book You'll Ever Read startles, unsettles, and deeply delights. Scott Hughes has crafted one trip of a read."

—Andy Davidson, Bram Stoker Award Nominated Author of In the Valley of the Sun

"Beware this book... The Last Book You'll Ever Read gave me the creeps right from the start, and Hughes didn't show much mercy from there. These are the sort of tales that reach through the fourth wall, then another wall, and another, then all those barriers you thought kept you safe, until finally they're reaching through the wall behind you RIGHT NOW."

—David W. Barbee, Author of Laser House on the Prairie

"These macabre, inventive, darkly droll stories unfold at a tantalizing pace. Scott Hughes's imagination works the night shift, rendering characters and scenes that are as horrifying as they are addictive. The Last Book You'll Ever Read makes you dread the last page of it you'll ever turn."

—Gordon Johnston, Co-Author of Ocmulgee National Monument: A Brief History with Field Notes

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Gloria McNeely Writer

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